Clay Flooring

Known as Flat Roof External Tiles or Terrace Tiles : This is an essential product to product your roof from fierce sun and.Flat Terraces are useless at a time, but now that may be the most happening area at your home, Yes... Now the open terraces and terrace gardens are used for parties and get-together at home.And not An Abandoned area any more...!!! As clay tile is the only recommended tiles for the terrace because of its unique qualities of thermal insulation and weather protection, we have came up with a premium clay tiles for your terrace.

Flooring tiles
Size No.s / 100 sqft: Wt. PC
9 x 9 178 1.300 K.g.
8 x 8 225 1.150 K.g.
7 x 7 294 0.950 K.g.
6 x 6 400 0.620 K.g.


Londra Sabbia Fine

Rosso Impero

Rosato Sabbia Fine

Rosato per pavimento

Terra di Siena

    Paver Blocks

Paver Blocks

Interlocking concrete pavements or pavers are a special dry mix pre-cast piece of concrete commonly used in exterior hardscaping pavement applications. Interlocking paving stones are installed over a compacted stone sub-base and a leveling bed of sand. Concrete paving stones can be used for walkways, patios, pool decks and driveways and airport or loading docks.
Standard thicknesses are 60mm (for light traffic) and 80mm (heavy traffic). 50mm too is common in some countries like India (used for footpaths etc.). Benefits of paver over asphalt and poured concrete include high compressive strengths (7000+psi as per BS and 8000+psi with no more than 5% absorption as per ASTM codes and as high as 19,000+psi depending on manufacturer and type of unit pavement), pleasant look, time saving, easy removal and relaying.